gif loading is too slow

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gif loading is too slow

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Great and fast program, but gifs...
Fot example this gif, ~12mb takes ~9 seconds to open in xnviewMP 1.6.5 (for test you can use any gif 10-20mb and more)
and when I come across a gif among the pictures, xnviwMP basically freezes up
Is there any way to fix this? At least make program show gifs as static pictures (or bad quality gif preview)
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Re: gif loading is too slow

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xnview wrote: Sun Jan 26, 2020 2:24 pm When loading GIF all frames are decoded, this can take some time
if its not possible to do dynamic loading (progressive rendering), it might be worth showing a loading progress bar (like in Imagine).
StatusBar - viewer - move position/selection to the right