Assigning categories

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Assigning categories

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Thanks again for the work ! I started to use this software a long time ago now and it's everyday a great pleasure.

To assign categories, I use the two following panels :
- Panel 1 : "Filtre catégories"/ Favoris/dossiers"
- Panel 2 : "Catégories / informations / groupes de categories"

1) I noticed 2 things which seam to be "bugs" :

With new pictures, I can't assign a categorie to a selected image by clicking a box in "Categories" from the panel 2.
All the categories and the associated boxes frome the planel 2 are displayed in light grey. They are not active

I must first assign a categorie by draging and dropping the selected image on a categorie (yellow "bookmark" icons) available in the "Filtre catégories" (panel 1). Then, the categories and the boxes of the panel 2 become active (black color). I can use both panels for the next operations for this image.

Why can't I use immediately the Panel 2 to assign a categorie ?

2) I noticed that the hierachical mode (selecting a sub-categorie automaticaly select upper(s) categorie(s)) works for the panel 2 but not for panel 1. If I assign a categorie by draging and dropping an image on a sub-categorie (yellow "bookmark" icons), the upper(s) categories are not automaticaly selected.

Is it normal ?