How do I view .cbr and .cbz files?

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How do I view .cbr and .cbz files?

Post by looseleaf »

I used XnView as my default comic book .cbr .cbz viewer but with XnView MP when I click on a file I just get the windows prompt to go look for a program to read it from the Windows store.

Am I missing a setting somewhere?
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Re: How do I view .cbr and .cbz files?

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currently there is no support, i need to add it
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Re: How do I view .cbr and .cbz files?

Post by foxyshadis »

When it comes to reading comics, a dedicated reader like Honeyview is better. XnView is still missing 2-page view, which is critical for books for me. I'm pretty sure Honeyview is faster to flip through, too. For every other use, XnView is better, but this comic books isn't something it does well.
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