Notice: minor bugs in Version 0.91 beta 1 64bits (Jun 7 2018)

Bugs which have been reproduced by a second user or the developer

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Notice: minor bugs in Version 0.91 beta 1 64bits (Jun 7 2018)

Post by kklepper » Sat Aug 04, 2018 9:37 pm


in full screen mode, you have those navigation hints at bottom center.

If there is a movie, those disappear. If you move to the next image with PgDown, they do not reappear. Esc from full screen mode, then reenter full screen mode, here they are again. Irritating.

Mostly in movie mode, sound is off (moved to far left). So you have to click that button and readjust. Now the focus is at this button. PgDown will not work to move on but instead readjust sound. Esc first. Confusing.

Context menu says real size is Ctrl+/ - this is wrong, should read Ctrl+* instead.

Left button click will zoom in to real size. That is fine, but <ou must hold. If used Ctrl+*, you could navigate the zoom area with arrow keys in XnView Classic. Not so here. Left and right work, up and down do not. Inconvenient.

Using PgDown moved in great jumps sometimes -- no idea what triggers this. Luckily I noticed that images were missing, so I returned to button navigation. Should work both alike.


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