Selecting Multiple Photos, Browser Mode

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Selecting Multiple Photos, Browser Mode

Post by trevzilla » Sat Aug 25, 2018 5:53 pm

Subject: 0.90: "Shift selection" malfunctions after returning to browser mode from fullscreen.

XnView: MP 0.90 - 64 bit
OS: Windows 64bit

When trying to hit "shift+left click" to select multiple photos at once, I get a selection that I did not intend.

Effect: The wrong selection is made. User must unselect the selection, reselect the first photo in the intended selection, then shift+click the last photo in the selection.

To reproduce:
1. Select a single photo
2. Enter fullscreen mode.
3. While in fullscreen mode, use arrow keys to navigate to a different photo.
4. Escape out of fullscreen mode.
5. Notice that the photo that you were last on in fullscreen is now highlighted in browser mode (This is good)
6. Shift+click to yet another photo "downstream" of the photo that you finished on in fullscreen mode.
7. Notice that all photos are selected from the very first photo you began with.

Actual behaviour (bug): All photos are selected from original photo...before you entered fullscreen mode.

Expected behaviour: Only photos from highlighted photo should be selected. (E.G. the photo from where you exited fullscreen mode should be the starting photo for the shift+click — not the photo from where you entered fullscreen mode)

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Re: Selecting Multiple Photos, Browser Mode

Post by xnview » Wed Sep 19, 2018 10:53 am

:bugconfirmed: Thanks to your detailed description I can reproduce

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