[bug] Action tab preview bugs

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[bug] Action tab preview bugs

Post by sd_snatcher » Fri Sep 21, 2018 7:44 pm

Both bugs were tested on XnConvert v1.77 on Mac OS-X v10.13.6.

Bug-1) When you change from one image to another, the Action tab preview keeps locked to the old image.

Steps to reproduce:

(if XnConvert is already running, close it an run it again)

1) Drag and drop the TAMA2.gif image to the Input tab
2) Add the following actions to the Actions tab:
- Change color depth: to 24bits
- Black/White Points: set white point to 224
The pirate cat will be shown in the preview

3) Go back to the Input tab and click on the "Remove all" button
4) Drag and drop the DRAGON.gif image to the Input Tab
5) Select the Actions tab again
6) The Before/After preview images will still show the TAMA2.gif pirate cat. It doesn't make any difference if you try to enable/disable the existing filters to try to force it to refresh


Bug-2) Zoom level bug(s)

Steps to reproduce

1) Close XnConvert and open it again
2) Drop both TAMA2.gif and DRAGON.gif to the Input tab
3) Select the Actions tab
4) Add the same actions that were used on the bug-1

The preview will be showing the TAMA image in fullscreen (best fit).

5) Click on the Before sub-tab inside the Actions tab
6) Click on the previous or next image button on the Actions tab

The preview will zoom to 1:1 without request. The image will be minuscule inside the preview window.

7) Click the "Best fit" button. It won't do anything. (first zoom bug)

8) Click on the Zoom+ button to resize the image to a reasonable size

9) Click on the Next or Previous image button

The Zoom level will be forgotten and the zoom will be reset again to 1:1.

10) try the steps 6 to 9 with either the Before or After sub-tabs

Now imagine the pain of trying to check 50+ images like these two. :)

DRAGON.gif (11.85 KiB) Viewed 1214 times
TAMA2.gif (13.46 KiB) Viewed 1214 times

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