0.96.5: {File Index} variable sometimes includes updir '..'

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0.96.5: {File Index} variable sometimes includes updir '..'

Post by Hacker »

XnView: MP 0.96.5 - 64 bit
OS: Windows 10 v2004 - 64bit

The {File Index} variable sometimes includes the updir '..' item when counting files. As '..' is not a file that can be displayed it shouldn't be included in the calculation.

Effect: The user sees e.g. 2/11 when viewing the first JPG in a folder with 10 JPG files.

To reproduce:
1. Have a folder with ten JPG files.
2. Set Settings - Interface - Switching mode - Use ENTER to switch between: to "Browser > Fullscreen > Viewer" or "Browser <> Fullscreen | Viewer <> Fullscreen". With "Browser > Viewer > Fullscreen" it is not reproducible.
2. Set Settings - View - Info to: {File Index}.
3. Set Settings - File list - Custom filter - Parent folder ('..') to Visible. With not Visible it is not reproducible.
4. Select the first image and press Enter.

Actual behaviour (bug): The Info shows 2/11. :bug:

Expected behaviour: The Info shows 1/10 (same as in Viewer, or when entering Fullscreen from Viewer, not from Browser).

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Re: 0.96.5: {File Index} variable sometimes includes updir '..'

Post by xnview »

:bugconfirmed: Thanks to your detailed description I can reproduce
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