0.81 MacOS: Embedded aspect ratio issues

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Re: 0.81 MacOS: Embedded aspect ratio issues

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Ok. I wasn't aware that I had to rebuild the thumbnails. That fixed them, thanks!

> for preview, 512x256 & 256x512 should be expanded as 512x512 or 256x256?

For Pixel Aspect Ratio correction, the image dimensions should always be expanded and not shrunk.

This means that a 512x256 image with 1:2 PAR must be rendered as 512x512, and a 256x512 image with a 2:1 PAR must also be rendered as 512x512.

In pseudocode, the final image dimensions will become like this:

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	final_widht = orig_width;
	final_height = orig_height * (1/PAR);
	final_width = orig_width * PAR;
	final_height = orig_height;
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Re: 0.81 MacOS: Embedded aspect ratio issues

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ok, will be fixed