Thumbnails for .SVG and .WPG files

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Thumbnails for .SVG and .WPG files

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We are new to XnView and are just beginning a review of its features. The main purpose for downloading XnView was for viewing and converting Scalable Vector Graphic (.SVG) files and WordPerfect Graphic (.WPG) files. These file formats cannot be viewed natively in Windows 7 Explorer as thumbnails depicting the actual content. It was our understanding that XnView supported these two formats. However, when we view these types of files in the XnView Explorer, their thumbnails appear no different than their Windows Explorer counterpart. Even in XnView, these files still display a generic placeholder icon, rather than an actual thumbnail of the image content.

Have we missed something here? Do we need to ad and extension or something? Shouldn't we be able to preview thumbnails of these file types, with the actual file content, like we do for jpg, png, cpt, pdf, or other similar formats?
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Re: Thumbnails for .SVG and .WPG files

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XnView v1.99 does not have native support for the SVG format and relies on a 3rd-party I/O plug-in.

Download to obtain the latest version and extract the following files into the Plugins subfolder of your XnView installation.
  • CADImage.dll
  • CS_SVG.dll
  • CS_Manager.exe
  • CS_SVGLicense.txt
  • Readme.txt
You may also want to install CS_Manager.exe and register CS_SVG.dll.

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XnViewMP v0.51, on the other hand, comes with built-in support for SVG, but it has to be “activated” by removing svg and svgz from the extensions in Tools » Settings... » Browser » File list » Custom filter » Exclude.


AFAIK, there's no plug-in for viewing WordPerfect Graphics.
xnview ([url=]Wordperfect?[/url]) wrote:XnView can only extract picture (not vector) from WPG files!