nconvert 6.21 does not expand parameters of add_text

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nconvert 6.21 does not expand parameters of add_text

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According to ... xt#p103453 the expansion of metadata options should be integrated in nconvert.

I am using nconvert Version 6.21, Win7 x64.

An xnConvert saved for nconvert script created the following output:

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nconvert -text_font Courier New -text_color 255 255 255 -text_back 141 141 141 -text_flag bottom-left -text_pos 0 0 -text_rotation 0 -text " {Filename With Ext}  @  {EXIF:Date Taken [Y-m-d, H:M]} "
Sideline: as described in, the save as function is buggy for the font specification, because the font name should be included in double quotes, and the font size must be specified, e.g."

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-text_font "Courier New" 30
However, the problem I cannot solve is the expansion of the metadata options. Instead of the Filename, etc, the text is taken literally. The options

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 -text " {Filename With Ext}  @  {EXIF:Date Taken [Y-m-d, H:M]} "
literally write the text {Filename With Ext} @ {EXIF:Date Taken [Y-m-d, H:M]} into the image.

I tried in a batch, or the command line directly, tried to modify the curly brackets and double quotes. Nothing helps.
Am I doing something wrong?
Or is the function not implemented yet?
Any plan for implementing that?

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Re: nconvert 6.21 does not expand parameters of add_text

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yes must be added...