Unable to change DPI of JPG image

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Re: Unable to change DPI of JPG image

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Thank you for the links, XnTriq.

The Ken Watson ones are what put me on to the idea that the dpi isn't the main thing that matters - except to keep the print shop happy.

I'll check out the other ones. Thank you.
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Re: Unable to change DPI of JPG image

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Welcome to the forum, fairyhedgehog :-)
Riny Weistra ([url=http://www.dpiphoto.eu/dpi.htm]Misunderstandings about dpi[/url]) wrote:Wrong: Deliver photos at 300 Dpi. (This is what you read at the sites of the greater part of the printshops, above you can read that because of this you will get bad prints.)
Printers should say: Photos must be delivered with enough pixels, so that they can be printed at minimally 300 dpi (actually ppi, px/inch).