0.87: "Auto image size" should temporary override the defaults

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Re: 0.87: "Auto image size" should temporary override the defaults

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xnview wrote:[..]
There are still some problems related to the main bug.
If in the Viewer I switch between the buttons "No Fit" and "Fit image to window, large only", the image remains on the second setting.
Only if I click on the zoom icon "1:1", I get what should be "No Fit".


Basically, the current zoom behaviour is confusing:

- some functions are not too clear (e.g: 1:1, No Fit, Real Size).
Does "Real size" mean the physical size? So, the images on screen would appear big like the printed IRL?
Is 1:1 a fixed zoom of 100%, equal to "No fit"?

Maybe you should add "Real Size" to the "Fit" menu and rename it to "Physical Size".
1:1 should just be 100%.

- it's not clear what should work only for the current image and what for all images in the current session.
Maybe you should just make all the functions apply only to the current image and make "Lock Zoom" remember also the current "Fit" level and Real Size (so this is for the current session).
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