0.92: XnView does not remember where it was if "Purge recent files" is checked

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0.92: XnView does not remember where it was if "Purge recent files" is checked

Post by KLE-France » Mon Jan 14, 2019 3:34 pm

XnView: MP 0.94 - 64 bit
OS: Windows/64bit

If the "Purge recent files and folders on exit" is checked (Settings>Interface>Recent files), XnView MP does not remember which folder it was in.

Effect: Reopening XNView MP later does not take you back to the last-used folder.

To reproduce:
1. Set: Settings>General>Startup to "Open Browser" checked, Startup directory "last"
2. Set: Settings>Interface>Recent files>" Purge 'Recent files and folders' on exit" checked
3. Open a folder, look at a few pictures
4. Close XnView MP
5. Reopen XnView MP

Actual behaviour (bug): XnView MP opens "generically", with no folder selected
Expected behaviour: XnView MP should open just the same in the last-used folder

It's possible that this may be a question of programming, and not truly a "bug". However, purging the "Recent files" list on closing should not make XnView forget what folder it was in. That's inconvenient.

EDIT: I realized after submitting this report that I had forgotten something: You can kind-of remedy this situation by setting [Settings>Interface>Recent files>] "Maximum entries" to "0" and unchecking " Purge 'Recent files and folders' on exit". But this is indeed only a "kind-of" remedy, because in this state, Xnview MP does not track recent files for the current session.

thanks to all in advance for any feedback!

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