"Fit window to image" does not work

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"Fit window to image" does not work

Post by tobwz »

I selected in

Options--->View--->View Tab--->Auto image size=Fit window to image

Now when I select a small picture e.g. 200x300 pixels then the XnView window frame is NOT shrinked to the dimensions of the picture.
Instead the small picture is shown in XnView and the remaining area around the pictures and the XnView borders borders is filled with white background.

Did I miss something?

Shouldn't XnView window just show in this mode the picture with NO additional background?

Just to check if the "Fit windows to image" parameter is stored correctly in *.ini file:
Excatly which corresponding parameter should be found in *.ini file?

I am using the newest XnView v2.49.4 on 64bit Win7

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Re: "Fit window to image" does not work

Post by xnview »

'Force XnView to fit image' is checked?
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Re: "Fit window to image" does not work

Post by OldDon »

I also have this problem.

I have tried several times to set the 'Fit Image to Window' but it always reverts to some other preset configuration if I move on to another image.

I tried to set it via View > Auto Image Size > Fit Image to Window

I find it shows the current image being displayed at a size that perfectly fits the window. Which is exactly what I want. However, if I then select the next image in the directory (using the spacebar or arrow icons) that new image will not necessarily fit automatically to the window.
Even adding View > Lock Zoom does not fix this problem.
More often than not, on revisiting the View menu I find the settings have been altered to either "No fit" or "Fit image to window, large only". Also, (sometimes) the 'Lock Zoom' option is no longer selected either ...

Ideally, I would like the program to lock-in and remember my View settings for all images unless and until I change it again. Hope that's possible. Thanks
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Re: "Fit window to image" does not work

Post by OldDon »

Sorry, meant to add: Where would I find 'Force XnView to fit image'?
I am using version 2.49.4