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Fit XnView window to image

Post by Arqfaim »

Usability: I prefer viewing images maximized on open, in a window sized suitably to the type of images (often autosized on open by no fit or fit only large). Most times I need to see them 1:1 scale but if they're big I can switch 1:1 to fit and back to 1:1 easily by pressing * and /. But if they're big and I need to work on them 1:1 I have to stretch the main window manually or maximize it.

What is missing is a keypress/action that lets you "Force XnView to fit image".

To old AcdSee hands using Options>...>"Force XnView to fit image": I too was used to the view window shrinking&expanding behaviour but this makes for a distracting UI and problems with autocenter of images too big, jumping toolbar&cursor and others. I find it better to have a more stable window that can accommodate most images and with this feature I could make it grow or shrink for all the others. Try the No fit or Fit large only options along with /&* keys.

To everyone: Do you find this feature usefull?

Post by Guest »

1. Make View>Auto Image Size>Fit window to image work not only for windowed images but also work for main Viewer window when image(s) are maximized.

2. If viewed image is bigger than desktop resolution on any one axis - main viewer window could maximize or (preferably) expand axis to maximum allowed by desktop while keeping the other window axis fit to image.

3. If viewed image is bigger than desktop resolution on both axis - main viewer window would behave as described in #2, expanding to fit desktop space (again, preferably not maximize). Whether the maximized image inside the main viewer window would mantain 1:1 scale or be refit is another discussion:

4. Let it be acessed by a shortcut key. Could be the same Ctrl-T. It could be customizable but that's another discussion:

To Pierre: Is this easy to implement?