Media Preview: Muting and Size issues

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Re: Media Preview: Muting and Size issues

Post by Danny »

xnview wrote:
Danny wrote:One last thing: It's kinda strange that you only get a stillscreen preview for media files in thumbail mode. Isn't it possible to get a stillscreen in the preview area, if you disabled playing video files? Just seems logical to me.
Sorry i don't understand. Stillscreen preview??
You don't want playing the movie?
There's an option to play video files or not. And if you disable the playback there will be no preview at all. So instead of not showing anything how about a single screen from the movie? Better? I often switch between those two modes, and not having any preview is kind of poor whereas playing the movie takes up a lot of time and resources.
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Re: Media Preview: Muting and Size issues

Post by Dreamer »

xnview wrote:
Danny wrote:[*] If the preview area is too small, the video controls get covered up. Maybe the controls shouldn't be centered below the preview area but left aligned, so you're always able to reach the start and stop buttons. Either that or put the basic controls in the middle.
Hum, but if the controls are left aligned, it's strange??
Can I send you two snapshots (from viewer too)?

Also I've got no thumbnail previews for wmv and mov videos (in snapsot too...)
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