XnView random refresh screen XnViewMP not

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XnView random refresh screen XnViewMP not

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When I run XnView, in Catalog mode Edit mode or full screen mode It refreshes ( shakes ) randomly the screen... the effect is the same you see when refresh windows desktop ( the icons disappear for about 0.5 seconds ).
In mine case If I view ( e. g. ) a sequence of images in full screen mode, some images of sequence "refreshes" without a reason and randomly... not all images and not the same if I repeat the sequence.
As I said this "refresh issue" or shake issue or dither issue appear also in catalog mode and edit mode, randomly.
I've tested this issue appears on Windows 7 32 bit ( on Seven 64 the images are stable ). I've tested with fresh xnview.ini file but the behavior is the same.

XnViewMP doesn't have this.

Someone can help me or explain why ?

XnView 1.97.8
Windows 7 32bit
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