How do I open SVG files and convert to PNG

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Re: How do I open SVG files and convert to PNG

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I only downloaded rsvg-convert-dll- which opened the SVG at 466x466. I downloaded CS_SVG.dll and put it in the plugins directory but Xnview still open the SVG at 466x466

Im confused now! Im obviously doing something wrong but not sure what... I thought the original rsvg-convert-dll- would allow me to import the SVG at any resolution. Is that not correct?


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Re: How do I open SVG files and convert to PNG

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XnView Classic – unlike MP – doesn't natively support the SVG file format and relies on 3rd-party software:
As far as I can tell, there's currently no way to specify the resolution passed on to rsvg-convert by XnView :-|

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Re: How do I Open SVG files and convert to PNG

Post by BlagoYar »

XnTriq wrote: Sun Oct 23, 2016 7:00 am Welcome to the forum, John (-:

Please download rsvg-convert-dll-, extract the archive and move all files (EXE + DLLs) in the root folder to the Plugins sub-directory of your XnView installation. (The contents of rsvg-convert-dll-\fonts\ and \rsvg-convert-dll-\etc\ are not required for rsvg-convert.exe to run.)
Be sure to activate Display all image file types in Tools » Options... » General » Operations. You should now be able to open SVGs in the viewer as well as batch-convert them to PNG format.
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