Documentation for newbie

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Documentation for newbie

Post by Maxi »

Hi there,

I have to work on upgrading our code from using the libgfl 2.5 to using libgfl 3.11.
The code, obviously, doesn't run correctly. I get a lot of errors and it crashes.
Is there a place to find some updated documentation on the SDK. Maybe something that explains the workflow and HOW to use it rather than just say that function x does y? I'd like to understand the code before I change it, to make sure that the changes are the optimum changes.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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Re: Documentation for newbie

Post by iycgtptyarvg »

Just look in the directories of the GflSdk. There are examples there.
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Re: Documentation for newbie

Post by dominique »

If you need some assistance you can search or ask for details in GFL forum.