Some complexities with -n key...

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Some complexities with -n key...

Post by Cinemaizer »

I use the following script.txt (and v4.90 release):
### -truecolors -out bmp -n 1 7 2 -o im_##.bmp
Q:\img\SLIDE-SHOW\menu copy.tif

And in result i see only two files im_01.bmp, im_03.bmp with the identical content... May be I not quite properly understand -n conception? Simply I want to get the next conversion-renaming in result:
menu copy.tif -> im_01.bmp
candle3.jpg -> im_03.bmp
candle2.jpg -> im_05.bmp
campfire5.jpg -> im_07.bmp
campfire4.jpg -> im_09.bmp
campfire3.jpg -> im_11.bmp
campfire2.jpg -> im_13.bmp

How I can use the -n key in this case ?
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minor problem

Post by DOS386 »

May be I not quite properly understand -n conception?
I guess that "-n" is __old__ and was designed to apply to both source and destination file sets, now you use a list from a script (new !!!) to set the source set, so the numbering feature gets confused.
There is indeed no WinZIP under my rock.
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