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Status bar tweaks

Postby vertigo » Thu Feb 16, 2017 8:37 pm

As requested, I'm copying this from a bug thread over here for proper separation/tracking:

Implement changes to make use of the ample status bar space and have it show # of supported files / # of files / # of folders / total # of objects, and which of these show and in which order could be configured by the user.

Also, having total # of objects / # of objects selected followed by the word "selected" seems backwards to me. Instead of reading 200 object(s) / 3 object(s) selected (which at first made me think it was a bug), maybe have it say one of the following:

3 object(s) / 200 object(s) selected
3 object(s) selected / 200 objects(s)
3 / 200 object(s) selected

Furthermore, it seems to me it shouldn't be that difficult to have the code recognize if the number is =1 or /=1, and adjust whether it says object or objects accordingly:

If var = 1 Then Display var + "object"
Else Display var + "objects"
End If

Finally, all the info in the status bar kind of runs together. It could use a bit more spacing and maybe colored separators to help break it up.

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