Display used Autofocus points

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Display used Autofocus points

Post by squeezechart »

some cameras such as Nikon D300 and Sony a7mk2 store the AF points used to focus when image was taken.
Would it be possible to let XnView MP display the used AF points?
Back in 2009 there was a software called PhotoME which could display them.

Here's an example: https://www.photome.de/images/screenshots/d300af_en.png


This would be a pretty cool feature.
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Re: display used AF points

Post by m.Th. »

Also Canon stores them and I presume that other brands do the same. The bad news is that each brand has its own way to store it.The good news is that if we support the first 3 (CaNikoSony) we covered a very large user base.
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