White balance correction using eyedropper

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White balance correction using eyedropper

Post by picpros » Sun Oct 08, 2017 8:25 pm


I have found that issue was already touched few years ago, but couldn't find any solution so far(XnView MP 0.87), so I would like to rise problem again, Last topic e.g. here: Is there white balance correction using eyedropper?

In my case 1 of about 50 photos have wrong white balance.
Usually photos turns into blueish.

It is impossible, to find out proper RGB adjustment manually, also "Automatic Levels/Contrast" doesn't bring acceptable results.
It is very easy to correct white balance when I pick reference white/grey point in the photo, however I can't find solution for that in XnView MP.

XnView MP is great software. I uninstalled all old photos software since I tried it.
Unfortunately I had to install back old software, only for this one feature ("white balance by pick"), so I am quite frustrated when I have to move back and forth only for one feature.

Introduce new feature "White balance correction using eyedropper"
Or extend existing "Image -> Adjust -> Enhance Colors...", so user can point whiteish pixel/area on preview and RBG values will be set (according to pointed pixel)

Thank You in advance,

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