Problems with 'Selected files / Tagged files / Cancel'

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Problems with 'Selected files / Tagged files / Cancel'

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There are errors in 'Selected Files / Tagged files / Cancel' workflow. Basically it appears too much.


1. Go to a folder and tag some files. Select others.
2. Choose 'Move files' (Alt+M)
3. A dialog appears saying "What do you want to use: {Selected Files} {Tagged Files} {Cancel}"

If one press 'Cancel'

Expected: The workflow will stop.

Actual: The Move dialog appears.

If the user press 'Selected Files', then the Move dialog appears which is correct but let's continue

4. Entering the destination path and press Enter.

Expected: The move operation should start

Actual: The {Selected Files} {Tagged Files} {Cancel} appears again which is wrong.
m. Th.

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Re: Problems with 'Selected files / Tagged files / Cancel'

Post by xnview »

Bug confirmed and will be fixed. See issue Issue 243 for current status and details.