Thumbnails small or blurry [0.92]

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Thumbnails small or blurry [0.92]

Post by Tapio » Fri Oct 05, 2018 12:32 pm


thx for XnView and XnConvert. With XnView MP, I am having problems with thumbnails. Often they are just too small and like upscaled from a tiny picture. But they are not tiny pictures. In the screenshot you see, it is png's with no thumbnail embedded. I am not using the thumbnail database.

Also, I did a "Recreate thumbnails" from the view-menu, on selections, selected files, it does not change. When I resice the thumbnail preview via the slider, it happens that they are displayed in just like 100x100 dimensions with just a big borders.
And you can see in the preview window that quality is decent.

Is there anyting I can do? Thx

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Re: Thumbnails small or blurry [0.92]

Post by xnview » Mon Oct 08, 2018 8:26 am

In Settings>Catalog, which size do you have?

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