[v0.93]Multiple Monitors in Full Screen Mode (Mac)

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[v0.93]Multiple Monitors in Full Screen Mode (Mac)

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Thank you to Mr. Roger Carter for the PDF, "XnViewMP for Beginners." I started over, making my settings with the help of this. A great starting point (despite being pointed towards Windows version of the app. Appreciate the changes in the new version.

Hope these comments help in the diagnosing of issues I and perhaps other users face in proceeding without a good documentation (and other how-tos) describing how the app is intended to perform.

This is a very deep app and because of that more explaining needs to be done before it is useful for any serious work by photographers. I saw several example YouTubes on using XnView as a selection tool for quickly marking photos. My interest is to use i as a front end to import, catalog and make minimal adjustments to RAW image files. I concentrate here on getting the browse mode set up and useful. frankly have been stuck on this since starting with 0.92.

To me, the biggest drawbacks in importing are effectively (sped and setting pre-made conventions) using the batch rename and import dialogs to rename/import files. But, I digress. Back to the system and related settings...

Issue with multiple displays and full screen settings
  1. Entering Full Screen mode (View Menu>Enter Full Screen) from the menu bar, the Enter Full Screen shortcut ("⌥ + ⌘ +F" or via shift+click in View Mode, CTRL+Click, CTRL+tap on a trackpad) does not display on a second monitor when set on Settings (Settings>View>Fullscreen).
  2. Full screen shortcuts are in fact different from the view full screen menubar selection (that's obvious since they are separate there).
  3. When using the shortcut to Full screen AND in the View Full Screen, selecting a single thumbnail, with two monitors, from the step 1, the shortcut produces multiple effects of Full Screen with multiple presses...
    1. I memorized a full screen layout of choice as Layout B, starting from a Layout View #3.
    2. First press of the shortcut produces a full screen image on the second monitor.
    3. Next press moves the full screen over to the main monitor, same as the main XnView screen and changes the focus to the main screen. However the second monitor is blanked out.
    4. Next press moves it to the second monitor. The main screen is then blanked out. The blanking out part is actually the creation of a new Desktop window seen at the system level.
    5. On occasion the full screen image can appear first on the main screen, but following presses of the command for full screen display will alternate to the second monitor. Here is a pic of my main screen.
      Screen Shot 2019-02-02 at 10.05.52.png
    6. Etc, (repeats back and forth on successive presses).
  4. What may not be so obvious is that this operation is in conflict with MacOS Full Screen setting (⌥ + ⌘ +F)! I believe this is the issue causing flaky operation of full screen display and multi-function of the XnView options. You guys might want to look at that. Also you should have another name for this command key chord or menu item. It is confusing to have both View Full Screen and Full Screen (command chord) on the View Menu IMO.
  5. Within setting menu, the program tends to freeze and lock up.
A work-around for this problem is using the system commands on a Mac to move away from the blanked out screen thus created.
Screen Shot 2019-02-02 at 10.18.51.png
The steps to recreate are described with the above and are clear and repeatable.

Good Luck!
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