XnConvert 1.8 - batch resize - bug?

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XnConvert 1.8 - batch resize - bug?

Post by mustbeit » Fri Oct 18, 2019 2:17 pm

What is wanted:
Batch reduced images height to 1080 pix, whether they are in portrait or landscape, but if their height is already 1080 or less, do nothing.

open XnConvert 1.8
1/ select an image having a height say of 1080 pix.

2/ In "Action" add "Resize" as filter, NO other active action
Select "Height" (Hauteur)
size 1080 (viz, the same height as the input image)
select "reduce only"(réduire seulement)

same folder, add _ as prefix.

4/ Execute.

Hashing input and output show different signature

Expected behaviour
output image must be identical to input, as only filter is resize and parameters exclude action.



P.S. At execution I get "The 'CPU Core" settings is disabled, can't be used with 'Ask' mode, or multipages, PDF files"

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Re: XnConvert 1.8 - batch resize - bug?

Post by xnview » Tue Nov 05, 2019 3:13 pm

the resize is not made, but file is written in the format, not copied. So for example with jpeg, you can have a re-compress

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