Conversion of .max files (Paperport)

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Conversion of .max files (Paperport)

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I have several .max files that are the result of scanning files several years ago with a Paperport scanner. They are primarily genealogy files of documents and photographs. I would like to convert these into files that are of use today (.jpg or .pdf, etc) and I no longer have the Paperport scanner and software. Is this a possibility with XnView software or, if not, can you advise me where to go and how to do it. Thanks in advance, Mike
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Re: Conversion of .max files (Paperport)

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XnView doesn't support this format, but Visioneer and Xerox provide a free viewer.
XnTriq ([url=]Viewing and converting .MAX files (Paperport)[/url]) wrote:
Nuance ([url=]PaperPort Viewers[/url]) wrote:The PaperPort Viewer enables you to share PaperPort items with others who do not have PaperPort on their computer. It allows them to view and print PaperPort image items (.max files) that you send to them via e-mail.