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Post by Lesmo16 »

- additional shortcuts for the different layouts (Ctrl+Shift+1 ..... 7)
- option for showing first thumbnail as preview
- autosize columns in "Thumbnails & Details" and "Details" view
- shortcut to access favourites
- using PgUp and PgDn to shift the filmstrip "visible-width-wise" left and right

more pro:
- much better compare abilities (not as tool, but as special mode - something between browser and viewer)
- red eye reduction and picture adjustments should be made in the new compare mode
- more intuitive cropping (lossless for sure)

- a full featured printing tool, for multiple images too (including page preview)

will be continued ...
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Re: Use external---

Post by Guest »

Clo wrote::) Hello !

- I explained that already here if you can read French…
- If you can't, for short :
- Use Total Commander , i.e., to make the associations and / or / change the icons like you wish:
Files menu >> Associate With… >> Edit type >> Change icon[>>] = "Browse" button to choose the folder where you icons are located.

:mrgreen: Kind regards,
plus you can get a freeware Icon changer that works very nice, I use it and have to if I want to change them all in one quick place :) it's called IconTweaker and will let you change most of the default image icons :)
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Post by davidlu »

A manual arrangement option in batch rename of pictures has been suggested a while ago.
It seems not many people knows what I was talking about.

I have used other powerful renaming tools that are capable of regular expression which basically can do anything you want:-). But I don't expect XnView to even come close to them since XnView is basically a picture viewer. Actually I'm not quite into the multimedia player function of XnView. But if XnView can have some special rename feature for pictures, it would be a plus to the picture-viewer function.

What on earth is my wish for a manual arrangement option in batch rename of pictures then?

Rather than only one thumbnail of the selected picture is displayed in ver 1.8, it should be a screen with all thumbnails of the pictures that I want to rename, then I would be able to drag and drop any pic to it's desired place (based on the thumbnail), then with a click, wola, they are renamed/resorted according to my manual arrangement.

iViewMedia Pro has it.
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Wishes for the next version

Post by Sky-Flyer »

Hi everybody!

The new version 1.8 is very cool, some new cool functionality! But I would have some wishes for versions to come:

1) possibility to zoom greater than 100% in videos
2) possibility to insert columns in list view from the meta-data (date taken,...) and sort images after those data
3) possibility to edit exe-slideshow after creation
4) progress bars for long lasting actions like exe-slideshow or jpeg-transformations
5) extract current frame of video (I have no idea which number a specific frame has in a video)
6) some kind of foto-catalogue for more performance in searching
7) some kind of calendar view to show images of a specific time-period
8 ) edit exif-data
9) edit comment in thumbs-and-detail view by clicking on column-entry (like filename)

bugs (in my opinion): :bug:
1) if you set image size in exe-slideshow to 1280x1024 and choose no titel-bar the title bar option doesn't work and width-to-height ratio is not changed to fit size specifications
2) if images are resized for a web-page exif-data is lost
3) if I choose sort by date at web-page creation it is still sorted by name
4) if there is a new drive (removable media) the tree-view is not updated correctly

Finally I only have to say - go on working like this - ACD will have to fear XnView! 8)


custom root in treelist

Post by raion »

A custom root folder in the treelist would be nice.

I have a special place on one of my drives d:\depot\pix\ and thats all i want to see 90% of the time.

The idea is from the great mp3 tag editor the godfather. In that program i can use a custom root and switch back to the default root with one click.

Image and one click later: Image

Microsoft Windows XP - Web Publishing Wizard

Post by swishi »

Hi Dev. Team and many thanks for this great software!!!

Using xnview with different Gallery scripts like coppermine or Menalto there is one funktion for me missing. I think adding the "Microsoft Windows XP - Web Publishing Wizard" funktionality would be a great feature for a next version of xnview!

Just add the link publish images to Web into the tools menue of the Image browser which opens the "XP - Web Publishing Wizard" and so the users can publish their pictures directly to any online Gallery without having quit xnviwe to open the Publishing wizard.

Would be great to find this implemented in a future version very best regards


one double-click

Post by ali »

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Post by Dreamer »

Lesmo16 wrote:more pro:
- much better compare abilities (not as tool, but as special mode - something between browser and viewer)
What about this - forgotten request :( - Second Browser/File List Window ?
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Re: A missing way---

Post by ckit »

Clo wrote: - The icon-set is embedded in the EXE, and AFAIK one can't state an external customized icon-library *.icl instead the embedded one.
- It shan't be a big deal to add this, I think… Just a variable entry to add in the INI file for the user.
I support this proposal.
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Re: calendar

Post by pepemosca »

Free4ever wrote:If it is possible to be added a calendar view (like ACDSee 7) that you can use to organize and browse your files according to their associated dates.
I vote for that!
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