Some proposals of improvement for XnView MP

Ideas for improvements and requests for new features in XnView MP

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Some proposals of improvement for XnView MP

Post by Pahadimas »

Compliments for this great software. I would propose some improvements (for both XnView and XnView MP).

- The Modification Date of the file in the status bar of the browser and in the image viewer would be very appreciated.

- In the Quick slideshow with Random direction, pressing Backspace would be great if one could return to the last image viewed, and with Space to go to the next random image. Very great.

- Also an hotkey (like ALT+S) for the Quick slideshow would be appreciated.

Now some improvements regarding the only XnView MP.

- In the list view of the browser, scrolling with the mouse has no effect. It would be good if it was like XnView, in which you scroll through the list changing the "pages" of the list.

- Always in the list view, selecting some images, it is no possible drag and drop them to another folder in the browser, but only in the other modes of view. Drag and drop would be good.

- In the viewer, would be nice to go to fullscreen by clicking the middle button of the mouse, as in XnView.

- To implement a Dialog window for the JPEG loseless transformation, so useful. In XnView I used it a lot.

- When copying or moving images from a folder to another one, is it possibile to rename it (when there are files with the same name) adding _1 to the end of the file, as in XnView, and not adding Copy of to the beginning of the file? It would better to manage the order of files.

Fixes (for both XnView and XnView MP):

- If I have two opened tabs, and in one of this I active the Quick slideshow, then I switch to the other tab, then to the previous one, the Quick slideshow button remains pressed, but the slideshow stops.

Fixes for the only XnView MP:

- I use the viewing Layout 8. Switching from Italian to English and viceversa, the software doesn't keep the layout very well. It could be nice a fix.
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Re: Some proposals of improvement for XnView MP

Post by phaolo »

I haven't tried XnView MP yet, but keeping the same options of the Classic version would be the best choice!

The other suggestions seem good too.
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