Custom hierarchical keyword seperator

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Custom hierarchical keyword seperator

Post by wwgueldner » Wed Oct 04, 2017 3:57 pm

I store my photos on a Synology DS using DS Photo to view. DS Photo does not support hierarchical keywords and flatten a keyword list seperated with a "|" (pipe) showing only the last/deepest keyword.
As workaround my old Image Management Solution used a "." (dot) for seperation. XnView can import these hierarchie but uses a "|" (pipe) on writing the keywords back again.

Feature Request:
I don't know the "|" (pipe) is the defacto standard for hierarchical keywords? However I would like use my own character. There are custom seperators configurable under Browser -> Metadata -> Read hierarchical keywords.
Please provide the same list under -> Write hierarchical keywords using a radio or dropdown to choose.


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