New formats: HEIC, WEBP, FLIF, BPG, ITC

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New formats: HEIC, WEBP, FLIF, BPG, ITC

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While trying to recognize files by their content (primarily to recognize pictures and their dimensions) I also encountered:
  1. BPG = Better Portable Graphics - probably no longer in development/use as HEIF is similar and by today more spread than BPG ever was
  2. FLIF = Free Lossless Image Format - a newcomer and based on its versatile and thus future-proof file format and not needing or having any patents it's the best I have yet encountered, but fear it will pass by unnoticed. However, if GFL would support reading or even writing it it should boost its acceptance, as GFL is used by several other software as well
  3. WEBP = Web Picture ... m-spec.txt,, - Google's format being in use here and there, but very limited and already outdated by today's needs
  4. ITC = iTunes CoverFlow ... s_itc_fil/ - never encountered myself, probably not worth supporting it unless it can be implemented easily
  5. HEIF = High Efficiency Image File Format ... ile-format - the successor to what BPG was meant for, now being pushed by Apple on mobile devices; the file format is the typical FTYP-BMFF. This format should live on for decades, as it is one of the few supporting very large dimensions.