Book Mode (for viewing comic/magazine scans)

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Lee James
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Book Mode (for viewing comic/magazine scans)

Post by Lee James »

Many people are now using comic reader programs to read scanned comic books. The trouble is, none of those programs are any good. (I've tried them and they suck!)

XnView is so much better and faster at displaying these images, so I use XnView.

Pierre, if you could just add a "Book Mode" to XnView, I think you could attract lots of new users - XnView could become the most popular comic reader program! It would be very simple to do…

How it works
  • Press 'b' to turn on Book Mode (the message "Book Mode" appears). Press 'b' again to turn it off (the message "Book Mode off" appears.)
  • In Book Mode, all images are displayed in pairs of 2 - side by side.
  • Image 1 is always shown alone (it's the front cover).
  • Pairs of images begin from image 2 onwards.
  • Pairs are scaled so their heights always match (widths don't need to match).
  • If the width of the left page is more than 1.5 times the width of the right page, the left page is likely a double-page scan and should be shown alone.
  • XnView is able to open Comic Book archives (.cbr and .cbz) - these are just rar/zip archives.
  • In Book Mode, thumbnails could also be grouped as pairs (this feature is not essential).
  • I think this would be an attractive way to view ANY collection of portrait images, even if they're not comics.
How it looks
To make it look like a book, simply add a black gradient to the left page, as shown here:

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Re: Book Mode (for viewing comic/magazine scans)

Post by Arg »

It would be nice, an option to choose if the first page would be displayed alone or not would be nicer i think.
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