PNG File won't load from Photoshop?

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PNG File won't load from Photoshop?

Post by teapspoon »

Artist give me this 64x64 png exported from Photoshop. Most of the files at that size are ~3k at most. This one is 64x64 and 32bit bit depth but it's 8MB! It opens fine in Photoshop but fails to load in XnView..thought the thumbnail shows up fine?

I'm pretty sure Photoshop is adding XMP data but not sure how to strip it or view it. Can Xnview show files with XMP data?
Xnview Version 0.96.2 64bits (May 5 2020)
"File can't be loaded"

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Re: PNG File won't load from Photoshop?

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this file use a very very long XMP data, not supported by libpng (used by XnView)
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Re: PNG File won't load from Photoshop?

Post by Rick »

What would be the best way to get around that?
I loaded it in Photo, duplicated the layer, deleted the duplicate layer and saved it and that opened it. Also opening it and rasterizing it fixed the issue
Stripping out the metadata via XnViews batch converter didn't work. While I didn't try everything, I couldn't get XnView to rewrite the file successfully
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