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Info pane

Post by xnview »

Some users have contacted me to put 'File' info under 'Image' info, for them, Image info is more important
what do you think?
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Re: Info pane

Post by KLE-France »

Well, that would satisfy the image information first camp, but then the file information first camp will be screaming bloody murder to change it back :D

I'd like to think that I'm not in either camp, but I would argue that a digital anything is a computer file before it's anything else. That is, the file is holding all the information, but that information only takes the form of what we call a "document" or an "image" or a "song" when it is interpreted by some computer program: You need Word (or the like) to make a docx file look like a document, you need XnView (or the like) to make a jpg file look like an image and you need VLC (or the like) to make a mp3 file sound like a song.

So would that not mean that the file information is the veritable "foundation" data, and thus it should be listed first as it is now?

Discuss, discuss.
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Re: Info pane

Post by michel038 »

I often use filters (category filter) and the first info I need is path / directory , which are displayed at the top ...

But I can set tooltips to show any information I need ... (Settings, Browser, Browser) ,so it doesn't matter what information is displayed first ...
Another effective method is to set "Settings, Thumbnails, Labels" to always have useful fields displayed in the browser