Sort by color and similarity

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Sort by color and similarity

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Very relevant and no one normally implemented the function, nechno similar was in Google picasa
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Re: Sort by color and similarity

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yep it would be nice to have something similar to picasas color matching effort --i still got mine and still use it-
then i got "visual similarity finder" from mind gems and "visipics" two ways of sorting matches both good and yet also limited
one only does about 30 thousand pix and then goes blank on results,, the other does a few hundred pages
not sure the number there till it runs out memory
the only problem picasa didnt apply the full color pallets just a basic few
so maybe needing a color wheel-filter or target a color out of a picture tag it in peoples search as "ct-"+whatever color it is
photo gallery can also help in putting the color tags to the peoples search from the desciption tags after running picasa ,,takes a little whiole but helps

but i know the feelan too just want it simplified into one app that could do all that in one step--sounds good so i agree-- me too