Auto image size vs. Auto zoom

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Auto image size vs. Auto zoom

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For decades, now, in image mode of XnView menu says "View > Auto image size". When looking closely at it, this label is misleading: It's not the image size that XnView determines and changes automatically but the zoom factor used for displaying an image. See discussion and my explanation in topic Changing image size crops image.

I'd suggest to change the menu:
View > Auto image size -->
View > Automatic zoom or Auto zoom

In addition, I'd suggest to structure the "View" menu in a different way:

Menu "View" - original
Menu "View" - Suggestion
- "Auto zoom" is grouped with other menu items that affect zooming.
- "File" and "Page" affect navigation and therefore these are grouped using a separator.

I think that these changes will make things even clearer. Other opinions?
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Re: Auto image size vs. Auto zoom

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yes you're right