Drag&drop from within Outlook

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Drag&drop from within Outlook

Post by Wiggerl »

if I have an Email with an attached image file in my Outlook365, I am unable to drag and drop it directly to XnViewMP V 0.99.7.

How can I fix this please?
My environment:
- Windows Server 2019 RD session
- XnView MP 64bit v 0.99.7
- Microsoft/Office 365
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Re: Drag&drop from within Outlook

Post by helmut »

Same here with Windows 10 and Outlook 2013 - one cannot drag & drop files from Outlook 2013 to XnView MP - neither in browser mode nor in image viewer. Only thing that works is dragging files from Windows Explorer to the folder tree of XnView (in browser mode) or thumbnail area. If you drag & drop images from Windows Explorer to XnView MP in image vieewr mode it say "Copy" or "Move" but XnView MP actually opens the image (and does not copy it). So all in all I'd say that support of Drag & Drop to XnView MP has still quite some room for improvement.
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Re: Drag&drop from within Outlook

Post by KJS »

The problem is obviously still present in version 1.0.
Copying an attachment in Outlook 2010 puts it on the clipboard, from where it can be pasted anywhere. XnView shows and reacts as if the clipboard is empty.
From all other sources, the XnView paste function works normally.
It would also help me a lot if this problem could be fixed.