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Category sets manager

Post by orbspider »

I lost all my category sets a while ago and just rebuilt them, which took me quite a long time.
Because of the UI limitations (of the category set manger), I added the few hundred I needed to one mega set, going through alphabetically in the drop down until I added them all. Then I selected multiple categories in that mega set and copied them to their own set, and deleted them from the mega set.

Some suggestions that could improve a user's experience making category sets...

1. In the Category Set manager, add an expandable category list at right. Clicking on a category adds it to the current set.

This would be the fastest way in the world. Typing in the text box is OK for one or two but not for 100.

You have the expandable list already for the 'merge with' and 'move' right click options.

It was suggested here ... cdb05932f8 that 'add to set' would be on the right click menu of categories, but I see it's not and it wouldn't be so fast either.

2. Option to export Category Sets. Maybe this is not possible? What if categories were deleted?