Search (Ctrl+F) - make it more interactive.

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Search (Ctrl+F) - make it more interactive.

Post by FKCapitalism »

In my workflow i often use Search (Ctrl+F) to look for files by XMP Rating and XMP Color Label. Then i load bunch in Photoshop - Adobe Camera Raw plugin and see which one i like the most, after this inside Photoshop i change XMP Rating for files i don't like from 4 stars to 3 stars or change XMP Color Label.

Now after i do this XMP rating and label not always update in XnView MP so i go View > Update Catalog from files then proper ratings load inside search results.

However say i search for all files XMP Rating 4 and after i demoted one file to XMP Rating 3 and updated catalog that file with rating 3 shows inside search results. Wish XnView MP instantly hide that file from search results because it already does not match search filters.

Another case if when i change XMP Rating of image inside XnView MP search results window, image still stay within search results even though it does not match search criteria anymore.

Could we update search results removing images that don't match search criteria for instance when click F5.

I know its fast to Ctrl+F again, however when searching among 3000 files and 600 folders it takes quite a bit of time to preform new search.

P.S. Another minor inconvenience is when i click Ctrl+F focus is set on Filename input box, wish it was set on "Search" button, so i could quickly repeat search Ctrl+F followed by Enter key. Another approach is to make hotkey for Search button like Alt+S so i could press Ctrl+F followed by Alt+S to preform new search. This is not a big deal of course, but when i preform this action 50 times a day i wish i could speed it up somehow and being able to use keyboard without need to hold mouse and aim for Search button is highly appreciated.