Duplicate finder: Bulk file deletion

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Duplicate finder: Bulk file deletion

Post by Jany »

Hi, im using XnView from some time, its very good tool for my photography works.
I would suggest to add option to move all/copy all/delete all duplicated photos. Some time ago my hdd died and i recovered alot of CR2 duplicates (search with exif). Would be nice to delete them all at once.

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Re: Duplicate finder bulk file deletion

Post by helmut »

Welcome to the XnView forums and thank you for your suggestion, Jany. Bulk deletion is a delicate thing - if something goes wrong and wrong files are deleted there is big harm to the user. So if implemented this feature must have a clear user interface to avoid wrong usage and even have some with net and a false bottom (e.g. files could be moved to trashbin or a special folder to restore them in case of need.).

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