Download Pics & Create directory according to EXIF Date

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Download Pics & Create directory according to EXIF Date

Post by BerndMueller »

Hi Everybody! Is there a possibilty to transfer/download pictures from a source (sd-card, second harddisk etc) with XNVIEW and create automatically a directory for the "transfered" pictures according on the EXIF DATE Information within the picture (not based on the pc date)?

Cool would be a automatically created directory like "20061023"



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Hi Bernd,

as I just started using XnView I won't be able to answer about how this feature would work in XnView. But may be the freeware Amok Exif Sort will be of help to you:

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Post by GeorgD »

I know there is a thread in the forum, in which \ (backslash) is requested as acceptable character in batch rename, see ... highlight=. This additional feature will make this request possible by using <Date Taken [Y-m-d]>\<Filename With Ext>