Compare dialog: Remember setting "Use tabs"

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Compare dialog: Remember setting "Use tabs"

Post by helmut »

In the compare dialog (Tools > Compare) there is a setting "Use tabs" which allows for changing the layout for comparison from "side by side" to "one behind the other". Currently, the setting "Use tabs" is not remembered during a user session, i.e. when doing the next comparison the setting is reset.

From my point of view this setting should be persistent like any other setting and not just remembered during one session but multiple sessions.
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Hard to say

Post by Clo »

—> Helmut

• Hi!

• This seems a logical point of view, but then the using is not quite flexible…

- In example, the most times I use the “parallel” view, let's say with 2…3 images,
and sometimes I use the tabs “serial” view when there is a larger amount of images to compare.

• IMHO, this could be set as a default (ticked-unticked) via an INI entry.
- Several flags could allow to polish up the behaviour (one shot, session, permanent…).

- Anyway, saved, for sure, this is a lacuna currently !

- What do you think?

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