100%Zoom does not work with different x/y-dpi

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100%Zoom does not work with different x/y-dpi

Post by brotondi »

Hi Pierre

I'm not sure if this is a bug or a misunderstanding: I pdf-extracted a picture with 825x1098 Pixels but sice of 1x1 inches... of course something stupid.

But now, how can I see the exact Pixels? Num-* or View->Zoom->100% does not work. I always have a 825x825-Picture...

The Thumbnail has correct Aspect Ratio of e.g. 216x288 Pixels...

View->Real-Size works: It shows a Picture of 1x1 inches...

[img]home.pages.at/brotondi/exemple.jpg[/img] (download and view with xnview)

But anyway: Thanks for your always nice tool :)

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