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Creation anaglif picture

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I like stereophotos. I photograph stereopairs and I create anaglif photo.
For this purpose I take 2 photos (for left eye LF and right eye RF).
1. Crop them so, that details on both the photo coincided on a vertical (Y) and had the identical size on height.
2. For LF completely delete red color, 3 times: Shift+E, Red: =-100 (-255 not possible), OK.
3. For RF completely delete green and blue color, 3 times: Shift+E, Green: =-100, Blue: =-100, OK.
4. For LF Add watermark..., Image file: = RF, Opacity: = 50, OK
5. It has turned out anaglif a photo, but thus 60 % of brightness and contrast are lost. It is necessary to do one time Shift+E, Brightness: = +60, Contrast: = +60, OK.

I suggest to create by analogy with Add watermark... An opportunity to create anaglif that it was possible for LF to impose RF and already program to remove red color on LF, green and dark blue color on RF completely up to 0, to combine colors, for example for a point on LF color Red=0, Green=12, Blue=123, and on RF in the same point color Red=234, Green=0, Blue=0, should give Red=234, Green=12, Blue=123.
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Red¦green glasses---

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:arrow: anaglif

:) Hello ! Welcome aboard !

• That interesting topic reminds me the old good movies¦comics of my boyhood and their red¦green glasses :D
- XnView is not designed to make such relief photos, of course,
thus the processing of each colour channel is not at the needed top…

• Using the Search, I could find out three matches for “anaglyph” : ... t=anaglyph ... t=anaglyph ... t=anaglyph

• I guess that Pierre'll give more info about possible improvements when he's back from his (short) yearly vacation… :wink:

:mrgreen: Kind regards,
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Hello, Claud Cio!
Thanks for URL!
I downloaded the program Imagen3D. It that is necessary for me! There are in it still defects, but in fact it is version 1.4 beta.
My works in program you can look here

:D Kind regards,