Improvements to IPTC dialog

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Improvements to IPTC dialog

Post by JohnFredC »

The MetaData (IPTC, etc) dialog also needs to be redesigned to use screen space more efficiently:

Existing implementation:

Following the same schema outlined for the Export dialog (see first post), here is an alternate metadata dialog:

Proposed implementation:

Region A: Dialog Behaviors: height does not resize when dialog resizes
Region B: Preview: height resizes only when user moves splitter
Region C: "Options" (Tab) Area: height resizes when dialog resizes
Region D: Dialog Control: height does not resize when dialog resizes

In this example the thumbnail height (in Region B) is controlled by the splitter. The thumbnail width continues to be controlled by the dialog width.

The Options tab has been removed and a new Options button (the gear icon) placed in Region A.

I think the Save and Close buttons (right of Region D) should be renamed "Write" and "Cancel", but my example does not show that.
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Re: Improvements to IPTC dialog

Post by xnview »

Yes, this dialog is not good, i don't know how to optimize space for it.
But use a splitter, and use top area for preview is not good for me... Height is too big...

Not easy to make a good dialog, so suggestions are welcome...
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Re: Improvements to IPTC dialog

Post by AdminOfPlaygroup »

Dont forget small screen, as Netbook. 7" = 800x480 ; 9" = 1024x600 !