Viewing and converting .MAX files (Paperport)

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Viewing and converting .MAX files (Paperport)

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I'm looking for a program that will convert .MAX files (paperport). Many years ago,I had a visioneer scanner that sanned images in .MAX format. That scanner is long gone...OS is long gone (98se) is long gone but I still have the files. One of the files is an image of my friend back when he was young during the war. He past away and I would like to give his wife a copy of the image but I can't open it. I was hoping this program would convert it. Does anybody know of a program that would help me?
Thank You
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Re: Viewing and converting .MAX files (Paperport)

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Nuance ([url=]PaperPort Viewers[/url]) wrote:The PaperPort Viewer enables you to share PaperPort items with others who do not have PaperPort on their computer. It allows them to view and print PaperPort image items (.max files) that you send to them via e-mail.
Good luck :-)