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XN View MP 0.21

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I am very impressed about the Progress of XNview MP.

Since I was using an Ubuntu Machine and an Ibook (PPC) under Mac OS X 10.4.11 , i Am in Need of a Version for the second platform. Will there be soon a version for the MAcos X 10.4.11 working under PPC or is it out of the Eye. in the meantime i can wirk with the 0.12, which shoult work under this conditions, or is there a newer Version working on PPC with 10.4.11.

On Ubuntu (here Easypeasy 1.5 on Asus EEEPC 701 4G) it works like a charm with a modified shellscript i found somewhere in the forum.

Thanks in advance

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Re: XN View MP 0.21

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A new version of XnViewMP will be available at the end of january, so i hope to be able to build a 10.4 version...