Ubuntu 9.10 install of XnViewMP

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Ubuntu 9.10 install of XnViewMP

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I downloaded the latest version of XnViewMp and extracted the files to it's own folder. I can run the program if I click on the *.sh file and run it from terminal in Ubuntu 9.10. But when I move the complete file folder to /usr/share as 'root user' and try to setup the program with 'edit menu' in the Gnome menu launcher on my desktop it will not launch. I've got both the icon and xnview.sh file set up in the launcher but it will not start. What am I doing wrong? Any help would be appreciated.

BTW the program looks excellent. I love the way it looks. The thumbnail window is excellent. Up to now I've been using 'Gthumb' but would like to get this program to execute because I think it will be my replacement. . . .