Feature: Enhanced pdf handling

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Gerhard Mesenich
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Feature: Enhanced pdf handling

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1) Deblock pdfs, always enable pdf renaming under windows

Pdfs can usually not be renamed under windows, if the pdf is shown.
The problem is caused by file blocking by AdobeReader or the Adobe preview plugin.

Pdfs should be deblocked by xnview, so that renaming always becomes possible.
I often deblock pdfs with an external program, it has never caused any problems.
Deblocking pdfs for renaming should be safely possible.

2) Renaming window

Long filenames are cut off in thumbnail view, which makes renaming of long filenames difficult.
A scaleable popup window like in xnview would solve this problem.

3) Mouse wheel scrolling

Mouse wheel scrolling works fine with txt files, but not with pdfs.
The mousewheel should scroll pdfs page by page, whenever the preview window has focus.
The pdf viewers are usually fast enough, so that rapid scrolling does not cause any problems here.

4) Embedded comments

Something to consider later on; it would be nice to have embedded comments in pdfs too.

Thanks for consideration,